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The exciting history of Zell am See in Austria

The winter sports resort Zell am See through the ages

The oldest documents state that Zell am See was founded in 740 A.D. The history of Zell am See through the course of time has been diverse and interesting.

The history of Zell am See reaches back to the year 740 A.D. Back then monks in the employment of the prince archbishop of Salzburg founded the settlement “Cella in Bisonzio“. The beautiful village at Lake Zell was elevated to the status of a market town in 1357 and counts among the oldest Bavarian settlements in the Pinzgau district. In 1810 the market township was christened Zell am See, the name it still bears today.

The history of Zell am See as international winter sports resort

When the imperial and royal Austrian railway company opened the Gisela-Railway in 1875 the rise of Zell am See as internationally acclaimed winter sports resort and one of the most famous holiday resorts of Austria began. The first hotels were built and thus the foundation of the success of Zell am See in the field of tourism was laid. In 1927 the construction of the Zell am See cable car began, which opened its gates in 1928. The cable car makes the landmark mountain of Zell am See – mountain Schmittenhöhe – accessible. In the same year Zell am See was granted its town charter.

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