Hotel Latini - Zwischen See und Schnee.

Der Schütthof - Ein typischer Gasthof.

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Well-being at your hotel with spa in Zell am See in Austria

Indulge in relaxing wellness, spa and beauty treatments

Experience the soothing effect of the hotel's sauna and the relaxing pamper programme at the hotel with spa in Zell am See – Hotel Latini.

The stimulating wellness and beauty treatments at your hotel with spa in Zell am See – the ****Hotel Latini – are a pleasure for body and soul. Full or partial massages: get spoiled from head to toe at the wellness area of your Zell am See spa hotel.

The expertly qualified employees of your hotel with Spa in Zell am See will spoil you from head to toe with numerous effective treatments:

Hotel Latini beauty, wellness treatments, massages and pamper programmes

Choose from a variety of soothing treatments the spa treatment of your preference. The highly qualified members of staff at the hotel with spa in Zell am See – your Hotel Latini – will spoil you with treatments of your choice.

Aqualux Seawater Sunbath (app. 30 min)
A new dimension to sunbathing
Full body massage (50 min) 52,00
Aromatic oil massage (50 min) 55,00
Back massage (25 min) 35,00
Skier massage (25 min) 32,00
Stomach massage (25 min) 30,00
Sport massage (50 min)  55,00
Acupressure head massage (25 min)  30,00
Full body peeling with honey-salt-massage milk (25 min)   25,00
Children massage up 3 years old (20 min)   20,00
Manager massage 
Massage paying attention to back, neck and shoulders. Ideal for manager and for people working in a sedentary occupation
25 min

Foot reflexology massage 
All times feet have a large significance. For this reason the foot reflexology massage developed. Because experts recognized direct interrelations between the whole body and the feet. They diveded the feet into particular sections. With special hand movements this sections can get activated or sedated. The aim is to mobilize and to strengthen the self-healing power so that blockades, unbalances and diseasednesses can get alleviated and/or eliminated. Additionally this treatment act as a stimulant and make you feel fresh again.
25 min
40 min




Lymphatic drainage  
The lymphatic drainage is the most gentle massage. Slow, soft and ringlike hand movements are activating the lymph system and help the body to fall into deep relacation. If the lympgh system works right you will feel better in both levels the mental and the physical level. Mainly stressed people who have to work mostly with their head are able to relax and feel free during this special treatment
50 min

Thai massage 
Type of thai style full massage that involves stretching and deep massage.
Will be performed on the floor. (T-Shirt and sport troussers)
50 min



Combination options 
 Full body massage & head (65 min)  65,00
 Back massage & Foot reflexology massage (50 min)  55,00
Latini massage package 
1 Back massage (25 min)
1 Thai massage (50 min)
1 Foot reflexology massage (25 min)


Terms of cancellation

free: 24 hours before the booked treatment
50%: 24 - 6 hours before the booked treatment
full price: less than 6 hours before the booked treatment

Our therapist ANDREAS
is on duty for you
Sunday to friday from 3 p.m.  - 09.30 p.m.

Other appointments on request!

Information and reservation directly at the reception desk

Sauna at the hotel with spa in Zell am See – your Hotel Latini

Zimmer im Hotel Latini

The hotel's sauna invites you to indulge in relaxation before or after our soothing spa treatment. Do not miss out the opportunity to refuel your energies. It goes without saying that the access of the sauna is free of charge for hotel guests.

Book your room at the Zell am See spa hotel in Austria

Return to your daily life refreshed and relaxed – book your room at the Zell am See spa hotel Hotel Latini right away. The team will gladly take appointments for beauty & spa treatments when you book your room.

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